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For nearly 25 years, Landscape Specialties has been providing high quality landscape services to discerning homeowners in Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island.  What started as the typical "guy with a pickup truck" has evolved into a seven-figure operation with a trained staff of managers, designers, and landscape technicians.  Having over many years found our niche in the high-end residential market, we now specialize in those complex multi-faceted projects that exceed the capabilities of most landscape contractors.  Our work often includes many interrelated components, all managed by Landscape Specialties professionals for optimal outcome.  From design, through execution,  to aftercare, our evolution has led us to become the one-stop company to shop for outstanding landscape design and construction.

We are proud that from our humble beginnings we have become a valued partner for those who expect the best.





To be a company that excels in the design and construction of meaningful outdoor spaces

To unite our built environments with their surroundings and to inspire people to see the landscape through a new, more meaningful perspective

Quality is our guiding principle.  We employ professional landscape technicians and artisans who we can rely on to make the proper informed decisions and facilitate the comprehensive processes required to complete a landscape project

Landscape Specialties will continue to evolve and maintain our position as the areas premier design/build company





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